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Air Travel

    Wherever you need to travel throughout Australia, we will find you the cheapest fare available on Qantas, Virgin Blue or REX. Book with us and we'll have you flying quickly and with confidence that everything is well in hand.
    All of our staff are thoroughly trained and have travelled extensively all over the world. We know and love travel and put in the extra work to ensure your travel arrangements run smoothly. We know that your satisfaction is our final security.
    We can book and ticket domestic flights to and from anywhere in Australia. No matter if you're in Darwin or Hobart, Cairns or Carnarvon, we can arrange your travel quickly and efficiently. Simply phone, fax or e-mail us your requirements. We work extended hours and will respond promptly.
    We can arrange your travel and have your seat available in under an hour if you're in a hurry. It is almost as simple as contacting us and heading for the airport. You merely collect your ticket at the airport Check In counter. Please remember however, that the shorter the notice, the more expensive the airline tickets tend to be.

Fare Query.

Our international airfare page has a fare finder system included that allows you to search for all fares that might be of interest and make a booking request. Unfortunately, however, this system cannot find Australian domestic airfares. If you would like a domestic quote please send us an E-mail with all of your details including:
Full name,
Phone numbers,
Flight requirements,
Age of all passengers
Any special needs (Vegetarian meals etc.).