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Cruises & Ferries

Any cruise available on the general market is available through Adventures Unlimited at a discount rate. Thus is company 'X' is offering you a cruise around the Pacific for $4000 dollars, we can sell you the same package, with the very same company at a discount of 4%. This would amount to a saving of $160 per person. When you add on the savings available from our discount on travel insurance, the total becomes clearly significant. A sample of the range of cruises available is set out below. However, if you have seen something else you would like just let us know. We will almost certainly have the brochure and if not we will acquire it within 24 hours.

P & O World Cruises Cunard World Cruise Sth African Cruises
Cruise Spirit International Star Cruises European River Cruising
Carnival, USA & Caribbean Captain Cook Cruises Cruise West Alaska
A & K Expedition Cruising Alaska Seatours Star Clippers Far East