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The Invitation

Join our fantastic, fully escorted tour to stunning Central America. See Mexico, check out the homes of the Aztecs & Mayans & explore the jungles & volcanoes of Costa Rica. This trip will provide the opportunity for really special walking and exploring in the national parks & wild places of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize & Cuba. This is your chance to see 3-toed sloths hanging from branches, jaguar slinking through jungle & myriads of brilliantly coloured birds. There will be Caimen, monkeys & coati to spot. There will be spectacular volcanoes to climb & fabulous rivers to raft. Native Flora of Central America

Feast on the culture & scenery, develop your Spanish & savor such vivid experiences that the memories that will last a lifetime.

Beautiful Beaches of Belize Colourful people of  Columbia Stunning Sunsets

The most unusual aspect of this trip is it's emphasis of group decision making. Every participant has a say in the final itinerary ensuring a personalised a satisfying experience. As such, however, an exact package price can not be provided until the itinerary is set. If you would like information on pricing options, please contact our office.

Use the Hyperlinks above to find out all about this special trip, if you still have any questions, or would like to sign up, send us an e-mail at