Captivating China 2008, incorporating Tibet & the 2008 Olympic Games




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At this early stage, none of the operators in china, nor the airlines, have released their pricing for 2008. As such, exact pricing is not possible. However, we have been able to estimate the final tour price as $7500 to $8000 (AUD). This price will include the international airfares ex Melbourne, all domestic transport within China and accommodation.

The tour will finish with the opening ceremony of the Olympiuc Games. This is so that people can choose exactly which events, if any, they would like to attend without affecting the rest of the group. It also means that tickets to the vents are not included in the basic tour price. As information on the pricing of events becomes available we will make it available through this website. Of course, organising your tickets and any travel after the completion of the tour is part of the service.

If you would like to be notified whenever we update the information on this tour, including pricing, please fill in the expression of interest form available to the left. Your information will ONLY be used in relation to this tour.

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Forbidden City Rooftop, Beijing

Stone Carving, Nanjing

Himalayan Mountains, Tibet