Why Travel With Us?

The most important reason for joining this tour is the unique format utilised by Adventures Unlimited. We offer the economic savings of travelling with a group, whilst allowing maximum freedom to operate as individuals, couples and small groups.

We offer trouble free travel from location to location. We ensure you have suitable accommodation and a variety of activities available. You then decide what you will do at each spot. You may do some solitary contemplation, go walking with 1 or more from the group, have dinner with your partner or just read a book. The choice is yours. You decide how much you join others and when. For most people the balance will change from day to day or area to area.

Effectively you have the freedoms of individual travel with the security and cost reductions of a group. In short, we offer the best of both worlds.

• Great itinerary
• Excellent price
• Security & peace of mind
• Hassle free arrangements for travel and accommodation
• Individual freedom combined with great company when desired.